About Microsoft Bing and how it works

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Searching information online in webpages is a service millions of people used around the world, in order to find details respecting different topics to study and obtain knowledge, as well as obtaining information about products and services online. In order to find sites on the web, search engine are the ultimate tools to perform this task, being Bing the platform provided by Microsoft. 

What is Microsoft´s Bing? 

Specifically, Bing is the search engine technology provided by Microsoft in order to compete with Google, offering a similar functionality and behavior in general but working in a different way. With Bing, the user will be able to find information and websites about any topic or knowledge in general, through the use of keywords that tell the engine what to find. 

With the Microsoft´s search engine is possible to find webpages in general including text, images, videos and news, depending on what the users´ needs are at that very moment, filtering the search. In this way, Bing will show the most valuable results according to a query with the help of a unique and specialized algorithm for this specific purpose, performing its function in a matter of milliseconds.

A little bit of history respecting Bing by Microsoft 

In 2009 Microsoft introduced Bing as their new search engine technology. However, the company had already had a similar tool in previous years with MSN Search and Windows Live Search, which were Bing´s foundations to work as a completely new and capable search engine adapted to modern these like current ones, with a strong competition to beat in Google. 

Now, Bing has a strong presence as search engine in the United States and other countries of the world, being preferred due to its speed and responsiveness, quality of results provided and other features that has to do with advertising and business. 

The way Bing works 

In order to provide valuable results, Bing works under a specialized and state-of-the-art algorithm that is capable of indexing pages and their content, and the classify such results to give the best sites according to the query. The same functionality is carried out when users filter the search for images, videos and news. 

Also, to offer results in the search Bing takes into consideration other aspects, such as location and country where the user is, browsing history, previous searched information and more. This is due to the advertising functions Bing has for business to promote and show product to specific audiences and their proper interests.  

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