Why does your camera not work in Windows 10?

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When your camera does not work in Windows 10, it might be missing drivers after your recent update or mal functioning of your device driver. The privacy settings or your anti-virus software may have disabled the camera app. In the sections below, you can find quick check points to fix your camera issue.

  1. Privacy settings
    Your privacy setting for camera might have disabled with your recent Windows 10 update. You need to turn on the “Allow Apps to access to your camera under settings > Privacy > Camera.
  2. Anti Virus Software settingsYour anti virus software might have settings to block access to camera. Check your anti virus setting that blocks access to apps or camera.
  3. Incompatible Webcam driver.If your webcam drivers is old or incompatible to Windows 10, your camera does not work. Under Device Manager, Imaging Devices, select properties. Under the Driver tab, check the Driver Details. It should not have any file with filename stream.sys. If this file exists, you need to replace with latest webcam driver.
  4. Revert back Webcam DriverWhen there is no file with name stream.sys under driver details of webcam in Device Manager, it means your device driver seems to be not working. You need to revert back the driver and restart your computer.
  5. Scan for hardware changes.In case if your camera is not listed under device manager, you need to scan for hardware changes. Under Action menu in Device Manager, select Scan for hardware changes. If you find any updates required on drivers, reinstall these drivers on your computer. Restart your computer and check if camera works.
  6. Check Webcam’s help pageIf none of the above steps worked, reach out for the customer help or support of the Webcam’s manufacture and check for any fixes or updates on device drivers.
  7. Post a help query on forumsYou can also post a query on any forums on device drivers or web cam. There could be somebody who might have found a solution to fix this problem.

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