Complete guide to Narrator in Windows

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Windows is with no doubt the most used operating system in the world, not only having home approach for regular users, but also having business and professional versions for enterprises and companies to take advantage of a great platform, compatible with any number of software and specialized programs. 

Also, an operating system of this sort and influence worldwide has other important characteristics that make it the best. For example, the integration of software tools that allow people with disabilities to use the platform, almost like a regular person. This is easy thanks to Narrator in Windows, and here we show you the complete guide. 

What is Narrator as an app in Windows 10? 

Thoroughly, Narrator is a screen-reading app specially designed for people with disabilities, especially for blind users that for obvious reasons cannot see the screen and the graphic interface. So, instead of using the system directly with icons, Narrator assists in the use of Windows 10 by listening to the speakers and follow every step the tool describes loudly. 

Depending on what is on the screen, program in use and other situations, Narrator will tell the user what to do and also is capable of reading text in a natural way, among other functions that help people with blindness as disability to stay productive and use Windows 10 as working platform, regardless of the physical disadvantages involved. 

However, the best thing about Narrator is that as software tool comes with Windows 10. Therefore, there is no need to download or install any other resource or program, being a huge advantage and very comfortable to have Narrator right off the bat. 

Accessing the comprehensive guide to Narrator 

As software, Narrator is very extensive and include many options to change its behavior and the way it works, respecting specific needs users may have ay any given moment. That is why; Microsoft offers a support web page in the URL address to consult a complete guide to Narrator.

In this guide, the user will learn how to use the software tools, from beginner steps like running the platform in Windows 10 and start using it, to know how to customize Narrator for specific needs and enable and disable different functions at best convenience, all organized in different steps. 

As new functions, there is a new Narrator home to go to, read by sentence function, new verbosity levels, scan mode, narrator key, different languages and more. This guide is available to download as PDF and .DOCX format for Microsoft Word. 

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