ESRB Ratings: the best data you need to know

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The ESRB Ratings are important classification information about a content. At a glimpse they can help you chose the best and safest contents for your children, yourself, and your whole family. Read this article and find out how are they determined, and how to make the most out of them!

The ESRB Rating Guide

The Entertainment Software Rating Board Rating Guide, or ESRB for short, is a ratings code that provides specific data and information about the about almost any digital content, including video games and apps for different devices and platforms. This rating can be of great use to parents. They provide important information related to the video game or content. Due to the rating being displayed with a convenient seal encasing a letter or code that specifies the rating, these ESRB ratings allow you to choose the best suited content for their child.

How are ESRB Rating Guide contents composed

These ESRB codes are composed by three parts:
  • The Interactive Elements include the interactive or online features of the content. These are its ability to connect and interact with the Internet and/or other users, sharing locations or data, the ability to place purchases, and more.
  • The Content Descriptors are the details regarding the contents, languages and more that could be of concern to parents and users in general.
  • The Rating Categories are the summary of all other aspects, and they classify the product or content into the categories you’ll see in the seals, as detailed below.

ESRB Ratings for your consideration

The ESRB ratings are as follows:
  • eC – Early Childhood. Contents suited for 3 year old children and older.
  • E – Everyone. Contents suited for people of all ages. However, they can include mild violence and/or strong language. Be cautious when choosing E-category products for small children.
  • E+10 – Everyone 10 and above. Contents can have strong language, minimally suggestive themes and/or mild violence. Best suited for children of the age of 10 years and above.
  • T – Teens. Contents are best suited for children of the age of 13 years and above. May contain violence, crude humor, suggestive themes, blood, gambling and strong language.
  • M – Mature. Contents are best suited for young people of the age of 17 and above. May contain violence, blood, sexual contents or strong language.
  • A – Adults only. Contents are best suited for legally-aged people, most likely 18 years old, or older. May contain intensive violence, graphic sexual contents, gambling, or other contents not suited for children.
  • RP – Rating Pending. Contents haven’t yet received its final ESRB ratings. Most often seen in advertisements, marketing or promotional contents from games and contents not yet released to the market.

Want to know more…

To learn more about the content descriptors and other important information about the ESRB Ratings and enjoy a brief introductory video following this link.

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