Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

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The future is here with technologies that are now available to the public in general, such as augmented and virtual reality that definitely bring a whole new experience in videogames and other entertainment platforms. 

Microsoft has advanced a lot in these fields of entertainment that involved augmented and virtual reality, being an absolute pioneer. A clear example of this is the Windows Mixed Reality platform that together with the Microsoft HoloLens provides a great experience of gaming an entertaining. 

Now, due to the advanced functions this platform has, there are some doubts about how it works and the minimum requirements in terms of hardware. For that, Microsoft is offering a support web site where to get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality. 

Support respecting Windows Mixed Reality 

As it was said before, Windows Mixed Reality is an entertainment platform focused on gaming, taking advantage of advance technologies like augmented and virtual reality thanks to HoloLens; the specialized hardware created by Microsoft. 

However, in order to work properly and because of its advanced capabilities, the Windows Mixed Reality platform in combination with HoloLens require of great performance in a PC or laptop, with multicore and last gen processors, multichannel RAM, powerful graphics cards with a lot of VRAM and high bandwidth. 

If these hardware is not available or it is but in part, the performance of games in HoloLens and other software will not be the best. That is why; Microsoft offers the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check process, allowing the platform to know the exact characteristics of the PC and how the platform will run according to those features. 

Results given by the Windows Mixed Reality Check 

Depending on the hardware used or computer, the Windows Mixed Reality Check tool provide a result that is very easy to analyze. First of all, if the PC running the platform has at least a 6th Gen Intel Core I5 processor, a NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM in dual channel, probably the result will be “You are good to go”, meaning that will be no problem running the platform. 

On the other hand, if the message is “Supports some features” this means that the platform will run, but maybe with some performance issues like drop frames at low resolutions. This happens when the architecture of the CPU is old and the PC is using an integrated graphics solutions. 

If the message appeared is “Can´t run Mixed Reality”, this means that the PC do not meet with at least the minimum requirement, due to slow and old architecture and incompatible hardware. 

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