Groove Music OneDrive Streaming: FAQ and end of support

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Groove Music as music service platform by Microsoft in Windows 10 was integrated with OneDrive, which is the cloud-based personal storage service for users, with different plans and capacities to hire, although it is for free on the most basic one.

With the integration of these two platforms Groove Music OneDrive Streaming was born, as the service that allowed users to listen to music through Groove Music, with music files stored in OneDrive without the need to download the songs, since the playing of the files was made directly thanks to OneDrive and Groove Music.

Unfortunately, the general support for this platform ended in March, 2019 and this mean that the service is no longer available. Nevertheless, there is still available for consultation the Groove Music OneDrive Streaming: FAQ, which is the no more than the frequent ask questions about the program, which can still be useful information to check.

What happened with Groove Music OneDrive Streaming?

After March, 2019 the Groove Music OneDrive Streaming service was retired. This meant for users that music stored in OneDrive was not able to be played using Groove Music, whether in Windows 10 or any other platform. However, not everything was bad news for users of this platform, since there are different possibilities respecting the information generated, playlists, songs and more.

First of all, the retirement of the service did not affect the music files stored in OneDrive. So, these are still available to listen, either using the OneDrive app or by downloading the files on the computer directly. In this way, the songs will be available locally and there is no need to stream them, in case there is no internet connection in the place.

In terms of playlists and other information generated by the user that is called Groove Music Data, There is no possibility to recover this data generated, since it was available only for 30 days after the platform was shut down. Before those 30 days, the information was available for those users interested on recovering information about their songs.

In case there are users that want to take advantage of a function similar to the one performed by Groove Music OneDrive Streaming, they can use the OneDrive app in Windows 10 and other operating systems, and in this way is easy to play on the go music stored in OneDrive, and even create playlists and use other functions available in their devices.

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