What is a square root, and how to calculate it?

Thought a Square Root was just a term you heard about in Math classes and would never again use in real life? Well, that might be the case for some… but not for all. The square root function applies to many formulas and you need to understand what it is about, and what it is used for. We’ve got you covered! Just make sure to read the article below.

What is a square root?

The square root is the number that results from the division of a nonnegative real number onto itself. Too complicated? Well, let’s use an example to clear things up:

A square root is the number produced when a number is multiplied by itself. If you take, for example, the number 25, it’s square root is 5.

Why? Well, because 5 multiplied by itself (5 * 5) results in 25. See how simple it is?

How is the square root calculated?

Though there are different formulas, the most used one is the Babylonian Method. A simple web search provides this result and explanation: the square root of S equals as solving the following equation:

But that’s a bit too hard for someone who is not a math-magician like us! Worry not, dear friend. We have exactly what you need: a convenient, simple, easy-to-use online calculator for you to find the square root of almost any number! Just follow this link and get the results you need – without causing yourself a headache.

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