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Bing search engine is an accumulation of various and different kinds of webpages. The search engine is only accessible through a single window. It is used to serve various purposes. You will find its webpages in different languages and in a different style.

DBing provides a lot of information such as current traffic information, people listings, reviews of different restaurants, movies played in the nearby area, coupons and deals going on in local area, city hotel listings, business listings and much more.

Apart from the above different information, we have some essential parts of the website, for instance, searching about the image, information and videos.

Image and video search on Bing

Initially, to search an image or a video, you need to find out some words that describe the image or video. For example, say, the height of Mount Everest. Then you have to type these words into Bing search engine.

When you enter after writing the name, the search engine starts its work and find a match by scanning all the images and videos related to this name. After searching, the engine returns something that appeared match to your search, based on the name you type.

History of image and video search

This searching of image started in the late 90s when Bing launched an image feature. This feature takes text and returns the image based on these texts. This was a great way to get people to the images they are willing to see.

Internet is indispensable for all internet user. We use the internet to search questions, facts, theories, and many more thing but actually, we consult the internet more than we consult people. So, there is some technique behind searching for an image.

Live search video or MSN video was launched by Microsoft on September 26th, 2007. After some time, on 1st June, 2009, it was renamed as Bing Video search. This engine works as a search engine that helps us in finding videos across several websites on the internet.

How an image and video is searched?

The first step of the website is crawling and indexing. There are various web crawlers or spiders present to collect all the data needed to get an image or a video. Web crawler is a software that learns itself. The crawling process starts when these web crawlers go to the different web pages and start collecting the data asked for. These webpages are arranged in a sorted manner not in a haphazard manner.

The second step is indexing, after fetching the data from different web pages, web crawlers or spiders accumulate this data into search index. The search index contains a large volume of data. It contains billions of webpages and data is above 100,000,000 GB in size. If a new word is found, a new index is created for that. After creating the index, Bing sorts the data along with the keywords.

Now, if someone searches an image or a video, then Bing sorts the information through pages in the form of various rankings. This process is done through an algorithm. Algorithm breaks the large information into simple piece and provide the information you are looking for.

Analyzing your word is very important. You need to be very careful while writing your search text otherwise, it will be misinterpreted and you will get the wrong information.


In this era of modern and latest technology, every people need to consult search engines more often than any other person. As of today, various kinds of search engine is available. Each search engine works on different technology to search images, videos or any other information.

Bing is the trending that helps you in finding the latest styles and trending pictures. Bing search engine has two kinds of tools, a visual search tool and general image lookup. The visual research tool is also known as reverse photo search.

In general image lookup, you need to enter the text to search images or videos, plus you search advanced filter images also. Such as specific resolution, head, and shoulders, transparent, color, etc.

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