Be proud to be in the LGBTQI2S community with Microsoft Pride

Be proud to be in the LGBTQI2S community with Microsoft Pride

Microsoft is a company that has always been betting for inclusion, equality and other matters in society, with great effort and respect for human rights, accepting everyone as they are no matter what, since the only thing that matters is providing the same opportunities and the chance for people to be happy as themselves. That is why; Microsoft Pride is the campaign for this to happen in 2019.

Be proud to belong the LGBTQI2S community with Microsoft 

Everything started with the Stonewall uprising almost sixty years ago, having as result the creation of the LGBTI2S community, to claim for equal rights and freedom to be. With no doubt, there is still a long way to run but with the Pride movement the ultimate step to build a world with no discrimination in any form, and Microsoft is helping as well as other hundreds of organizations.

Of course, around the world the fight for human rights and equality for the LGBTI2S community continuous, with a lot countries that do not offer marriage equality and even people from the community are persecuted and discriminated, even in the United States. The Pride movement is the key to prevent this for keep happening around the world, and main purposes from Microsoft.

Since 1989, Microsoft as a company introduce sexual orientation as part of the non-discrimination policies, so any person that wants to work for the company cannot be discriminated in any way for sexual preferences. Like this, Microsoft is leader in this segment with 14 years included first in the equality Index, looking to involve other companies to do the same.

In order to celebrate pride, Microsoft is boosting the movement with different campaigns that involve donations for LGBTI2S non-profit organizations, releasing product with the colors of the movement and donating the profit for such organizations, along with the support the company offers for projects like Trevor, Mermaid and ACON.

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