Microsoft Privacy Statement: An important document to read

Microsoft Privacy Statement: An important document to read

Privacy is a very important matter, especially on the internet where practically most of information and data are resources online platforms take advantage of, in order to provide a better experience and for advertising purposes, sometimes without our consent or knowledge because we are not aware of the specific terms or these are not public are online for easy access.

In case of large companies like Microsoft, the privacy matter takes even more relevance in every aspect, since technological enterprises usually offers online software and other platforms that involve recollection of personal data, tracking and other procedures with different functions and purposes that must be described in detail for the users to read, such as the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

More details about the Microsoft Privacy Statement 

The Microsoft Privacy Statement is the document provided by the company in which are described all the procedures carried out by the different solutions, platforms, products and services, either software or hardware-based provided by Microsoft that have to do with privacy and personal information and similar, so the user may be aware of such procedures.

More than including terms or clauses, this document is more of an explanation that shows the user how and why Microsoft as a company obtains and uses personal information, respecting different platforms provided by it like Windows, Office and other online solutions and apps like Bing, OneDrive, Skype and more.

In general, Microsoft explains to the user that recollection of personal data has to do with advertising purposes that are previously described in the licensing and TOS agreements, which also help the company to personalize the experience, product development, general improvement of services and more.

The data collected is shared with Microsoft servers only and is obtained through the use customers perform on every platform, where every click and search counts to the advertising and developing purposes. Either way, in this statement is described how the user is able to control the access to personal data and even disabling it.

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