Microsoft Services Agreement: Different aspects it addresses

Microsoft Services Agreement: Different aspects it addresses

Microsoft is a company that offers plenty of products and services, software and hardware-based that perform different functions and purposes. Nonetheless, consumer products manufactured and created by the company are related to certain terms so they could be used properly, being a description of conditions, exceptions and procedures customers must know. In this case, such documentation is the Microsoft Services Agreement.

What is the Microsoft Services Agreement?

As the name says, the Microsoft Services Agreement is the arrangement and documentation in which the company establishes and describes a series of conditions, exceptions and terms of use of all of its consumer products and services, home and business approach. So, for costumers to be able to use Microsoft´s solutions such agreement must be accepted and signed.

This service agreement designed by Microsoft involves every product and service offered, starting from Windows and Office to other online platforms like Skype and OneDrive, along with hardware-based solutions like the Surface line of products and others, being all of them behind the service agreement in first instance.

Specifically, the Microsoft Services Agreement includes clauses regarding more than thirty of its products and platforms available, along with general conditions and terms that are more integral and must be read mandatorily to use any solution provided by Microsoft. In the case of more specific sections focused on one product only, if a costumer does not use that one that section can be left unread.

The most important parts of the document are general sections related to privacy and use of information, content management, third-party apps use, updates, software license, warranty, service-specific terms and limitation of liability.

The rest of the terms and sections of the Microsoft Services Agreement has to do with specific products and their use, such as Microsoft Store, Bing, Skype, Cortana, Office, OneDrive, Microsoft Rewards and other platforms provided by the company.

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