Mobile Plans app to get data connection in your PC

Mobile Plans app to get data connection in your PC

Get data connection using a Windows 10 laptop or tablet on the go is a powerful tool, since like this there is no need to be searching for WIFI connections, a very annoying thing to do. With the Mobile Plans included in Windows 10, the user can have permanent connection thanks to different data carriers available in the United States and other countries.

What is the Mobile Plans app?

The Mobile Plan app is the specific software in Windows 10 that allows to connect the platform with a varied availability of data mobile carriers, in order to avoid the annoying task of searching for WIFI everywhere, also putting at risk the privacy of the information hosted on the devices.

Having a private internet connection on a built-in modem Windows 10 machine is priceless, and with the Mobile Plans app is very easy. In fact, plenty of carriers offers the possibility to insert a SIM or E-SIM card on the device, either a new one or one related with an existing one as a service already acquired by the user. In this way, it is possible to connect two devices out of a same data service plan, if compatible.

To start using the Mobile Plans app and get an actual connection on a Windows 10-based device is actually very simple. All is needed is the device itself, a supported SIM or E-SIM card, Windows 10 on the 1803 version of above, and of course available data connection and coverage from the carrier.

Then, go to the device and insert the SIM card, and later having an interent connection select the Network icon on the task bar, Click on the option “Connect to data plan” and the Mobile Plans app will open. On the app, click on the option Connect your device-find my mobile operator-choose from a list of operator, select the one you have, click on “Continue” and you are good to go.

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