Movies Anywhere: the place to get the best entertainment for you!

Have you heard about Movies Anywhere? If not, you’ll really want to read this article. An extensive catalog of the latest (and classical) movies and contents is waiting for you. Rainy day? Boring night? Every moment if a great moment to enjoy this platform. Read below and find out more!

What is this platform?

Movies Anywhere is a relatively new cloud-based contents and movies streaming. This platform allows you to enjoy contents online at great prices, and even download movies to enjoy at your offline moments. Due to this simple option, thousands are creating their accounts in this platform. Wi-Fi down is not an issue anymore when you want to enjoy a great movie!

Though their offers catalog is truly extensive, there’s one more perk. Besides your streaming and downloaded contents, you can merge other platforms contents to your account. These includes all of your iTunes, Amazon video, Google play, Vudu contents and purchased Blu-ray and DVD – All in one same platform!

What do I need to use Movies Anywhere

You need to have an Internet-connected device that supports online and/or download contents to enjoy this service. Almost any Smart TV, laptop or computer will support this platform.

On phones, you need your device to run with iOS 10 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher operating systems. Note you can update your OS to be able to enjoy this platform on any device. Get a full list of system requirements for multiple devices here.

Regarding accounts, you need to be at least 13 years old and a resident of the United States (all of US territories and associated states) to create your account.

Why use Movies Anywhere?

This online/download streaming services has a great catalog of contents waiting for you to enjoy. Yu can experience them online or download them to your device. You can create multiple accounts, and restrict contents if you have kids at home. You can set captions, languages, audio settings and much more! It will be like having your own theater at home – all the time.

You can create your account linked to your Google account, your Facebook account, or create a brand new one. Sort your contents by genre, create your list of favorites, and prepare to enjoy movies in a way you haven’t ever before.

How to enjoy contents with Movies Anywhere?

Click on the title you want to enjoy. You can watch the trailer, wish-list it for later, or purchase each content individually. There are no monthly subscriptions to pay here! You only pay for what you watch or download. It is like getting a theatre ticket… and a nice reminiscence to the Blockbuster days.

Have any doubt? Not sure if you can run this service in your device? Visit Movies Anywhere help center here and find out all you need to know.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, and if you worry to get this service and then find out it might be shutting down… you need to know this is a Disney operated platform. Enough said!

Visit the Movies Anywhere website right now following this link. Create your account and start enjoying the best entertainment for you and your whole family, instantly!

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