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Seattle Travelguide at Bing: how to arrive

By utilizing Bing as primary web search engine online users will be able to discover information and knowledge at only a few clicks away, offering applicable data regarding topics in wide variants, locations, destinations to make tourism, spots to visits and more in any city or districts, as capabilities that are clearly based on Bing […]

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Complete guide to Narrator in Windows

Windows is with no doubt the most used operating system in the world, not only having home approach for regular users, but also having business and professional versions for enterprises and companies to take advantage of a great platform, compatible with any number of software and specialized programs.  Also, an operating system of this sort […]

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Groove Music OneDrive Streaming: FAQ and end of support

Groove Music as music service platform by Microsoft in Windows 10 was integrated with OneDrive, which is the cloud-based personal storage service for users, with different plans and capacities to hire, although it is for free on the most basic one. With the integration of these two platforms Groove Music OneDrive Streaming was born, as […]

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Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

The future is here with technologies that are now available to the public in general, such as augmented and virtual reality that definitely bring a whole new experience in videogames and other entertainment platforms.  Microsoft has advanced a lot in these fields of entertainment that involved augmented and virtual reality, being an absolute pioneer. A […]

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ESRB Ratings: the best data you need to know

The ESRB Ratings are important classification information about a content. At a glimpse they can help you chose the best and safest contents for your children, yourself, and your whole family. Read this article and find out how are they determined, and how to make the most out of them! The ESRB Rating Guide The […]