Be proud to be in the LGBTQI2S community with Microsoft Pride

Be proud to be in the LGBTQI2S community with Microsoft Pride

Microsoft is a company that has always been betting for inclusion, equality and other matters in society, with great effort and respect for human rights, accepting everyone as they are no matter what, since the only thing that matters is providing the same opportunities and the chance for people to be happy as themselves. That […]

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Microsoft Investor Relation platform

Microsoft is a company that is definitely of the most influential technologically and general leaders in the world, and because of this great impact it is also an enterprise that involve plenty of shareholders and also is part of the DEO index. In this way, Microsoft as corporation that plays a great role for the […]

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Why does your camera not work in Windows 10?

When your camera does not work in Windows 10, it might be missing drivers after your recent update or mal functioning of your device driver. The privacy settings or your anti-virus software may have disabled the camera app. In the sections below, you can find quick check points to fix your camera issue. Privacy settings […]

World 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

In this website, we will help you find what you were looking for, or even correct your searches so you can get the support you needed. You got here trying to get information about World 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, an odd query that probably didn’t get any results in your favourite search engine. Here’s what […]

How to watch deleted videos from Youtube v 2_o3_1xoiy4 is one search term that brings many people to this website. The thing is, that’s a deleted video from the most popular platform out there, and many think there’s no way to get to it. But hey, there actually is one and it is pretty easy! Just get into the old version of […]