How to save search results with Bing

Want to learn how to save search results with Bing – the easy way? Then you are definitely in the right place. Read this article below and get the easiest step-by-step guide to accomplish just that, making truly the most out of every one of your research time or any web searching you do!

The convenience of saving your web search results

Ever found a great data source online and then lost that link? Well, you can say goodbye to that. Bing has got your back here! When performing any search using this great decision engine you can rest assure all of your little treasures can be safe, and ready for you when you need them the most.

Best thing is you can access to your saved data from any device! Just make sure to access your account before performing the search so you can save it for later consultation.

Then leave without a worry in the world: when you access your account from any other device, all of your saved data will be there, waiting for you.

How to save search results with Bing

Log into your Bing account (using your Microsoft Account credentials or GitHub creds) and perform a web search. You can search anything you want. Pictures, websites, videos, map locations, and even shopping results! Place your mouse cursor above the result you want to search or tap to open the options menu over the result, and choose the Save option. This will link your desired result to your My Saves folder.

To see your saved results, just use the My Saves options in the menu to the left of your screen, or in your Settings menu. Then, just click or tap over the saved result to go back to the exact content you want to check again! It can’t be simpler than that – really.

Find out how to save search results with Bing and much, more following this link, and start saving all of your web search results the easy way!

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