Speech, voice activation, inking, typing, and privacy in Windows 10

Speech, voice activation, inking, typing, and privacy in Windows 10

Windows 10 as the latest operating system released by Microsoft introduced a series of innovative features, in order to provide a better and more intuitive experience, such as Cortana and the possibility to receive and answer commands.

To make these functions possible, Microsoft included local and cloud-based technologies like speech, voice activation and typing so all of these platforms and new apps could work properly, allowing users to speak to their computers and get an answer and also perform useful actions.

Nonetheless, many people were concerned about these options in terms of privacy, since they feel like they could be heard anytime anywhere, even when apps are not being used.

That is why; Microsoft offers the speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy possibilities in Windows 10, allowing the user to have control over these functions previously called.

How to disable speech and other functions in Windows 10

Since privacy has become such an important matter for most people, Microsoft decided to provide complete control over the use of apps in Windows 10, and like this the user can decide when and where they want to provide access to apps respecting functions of speech, voice activation, inking and typing.

Therefore, there is not risk of data collection and privacy issues many of users are afraid of, and with reasons since more and more threats and risks online are appearing every day, putting our privacy and security in danger and making Microsoft to provide this possibility and make users feel more relax and without the need to worry about their privacy, since it is save.

To disable permissions from apps and functions like speech, voice activation and inking is very simple. Just go to Start-Settings-Privacy-Speech and disable the function and apps that require it will not be allow to use it. It works similar to the way in which app permissions are disabled, following the same procedure.

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