The Microsoft Community to ask questions

The Microsoft Community to ask questions

Communities online are valuable resources to ask for help and finding information about any topic, working as some sort of unofficial support where users find documents and threads, answer questions and share knowledge with others in order to solve issues and situations, in relation to any topic available. For example, large technological companies offer their own support platforms, just like it happens with the Microsoft Community.

Getting support online thanks to Microsoft

Through the Microsoft Community users can obtain and offer information, knowledge and resources respecting the products of the company to others, easily and completely online. In this way, it is simple to solve issues respecting almost any Microsoft product, as well as other related hardware and software-based solutions.

This community can be accessed online through the URL, and from this is very easy to ask for support respecting many solutions related to Microsoft products and more.

To do so, the user just have to type questions, doubts or issue description in the space bar that says “Search in the community”. In case of not being sure about how to use the Microsoft Community, there is the possibility to follow an introduction available in the platform.

Continuing, this community is designed and encouraged by Microsoft and every category available corresponds to a different product provided by the company, such as Windows, Office and Outlook as main platforms that are the ones with the biggest threads and frequent related searches and queries. However, these of course are not the only services available to ask for support.

The Microsoft Community also offers support for platforms that are quire known, such as XBOX, Skype, and Surface, Windows Insider, Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows Essentials and others. In case the user have a doubt or query respecting a specific topic, by clicking on it the threads will be open to find information more quickly.

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