Windows 10 App permissions: all you need to know

To enhance your user experience and make sure you are keeping all your data safe, you need to know about Windows 10 App permissions. Forget about sticking a tape over your camera and, instead, learn how to set your apps permissions to block out threats and intruders!

Why setting app permissions

Many apps, websites and games are designed to use specific features in your device to improve your experience. These might include accessing your stored files, your saved data, or your camera and microphone – and many others. However, ill-intended developers might take advantage of this. Plus there’s the whole privacy issue that is the talk of these days.

Though locating a business online might be of great help, the app might need to actually use your device’s location to give you the best results. Many people are against these practices. That is why you need to learn more about Windows 10 app permissions, and chose the settings best suited for you.

How to change your Windows 10 App permissions

You can simply visit the Privacy page to set your preferences in regards of games and apps permissions, logged into your Microsoft Account. On your device, open the Start menu, then go to Settings, and select the Privacy option.

In the Privacy options, choose the app/game you want to grant or restrict privileges to, and choose your options by turning them on or off.

Before installing an app or extension, make sure to read carefully the service resources requirements to make sure it is compliant with your privacy desires.

What Windows 10 apps permissions you need to be aware of

These are some of the permissions an app or game might ask you for:

  • Access to files, pictures, programs, registry or more
  • Bluetooth
  • Calendar and events
  • Camera and microphone – including recording capabilities
  • Contacts and call history
  • Email, phone number or account data
  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint reader
  • GPS and location
  • Installed programs and apps
  • Voice recognition
  • And many, many more!

And now…

Make sure to follow this link here and find out other app permissions you need to be aware about.

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