Windows 10 Movies and TV: Help and support

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Windows 10 is the ultimate platform to enjoy all types of content, such as games, multimedia and more, including high-definition movies and TV shows right there on your device, either a laptop, tablet, convertible as a Surface or a traditional PC in your living room. To do so, the latest operating system from Microsoft offers the Windows 10 Movies and TV app, as the perfect solution for this specific purpose.

However, if you have any doubts or issues related with this app, it is possible to obtain support in Microsoft´s support and helping platform, allowing you to solve a series of situations regarding use, compatible formats, function of the app and proper troubleshooting. The Windows 10 Movies and TV app help and support is easy to find obtain assistance with.

Help and tips to use the Movies and TV app in Windows 10

The Movies and TV app installed by default in Windows 10 allows the user to enjoy high-definition content, such as films and TV series, along with more other formats like MKV, MPEG and more. In this way, the user is able to enjoy this type of content without the need to install anything else or get worried, since the app comes with the system.

Also, with the app is possible to purchase and download movies and TV series directly in your device, being one-time purchase only and allowing to have the content in any platform thanks to the Microsoft account. When it comes to help there is a support platform online that offer the user advice about different issues and doubts.

In case of having trouble playing content one option is resetting the app, by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse and then click in “Reset” from the resulting menu. This will return the app to default status, removing any custom settings and possible relate troubles.

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