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Recently some changes in Microsoft Services Agreement took place about which it informed to its customers through emails.

An important listed change in the Microsoft website is that the inactivity period would lead to automatic account closure. The account inactivity policy was clarified under KB4511051.

Tip: For better protection of Microsoft account, you can enable two-factor authentication or can simply set up security keys for your Microsoft account.

Account Policy for Microsoft

Typically speaking, Microsoft customers have to sign-in to your account at least once in two years for keeping this active. Microsoft would consider all accounts inactive if there isn’t any sign-in activity for a two year period.

Also in their latest changes in services agreement, Microsoft minimized inactivity period of five years to just two years. A few services such as and OneDrive have once-a-year sign-in for avoiding any flag of inactivity and can potentially lead to termination of the account.

Certain activities can also override two-year limit and can result in account closure.

If you’ve got a purchase which isn’t linked to the account, this wouldn’t be applicable for certifications, gift cards or any subscription-based services and purchases.

Accounts that are having active subscriptions won’t get closed in the period of subscription.

Developers that published Microsoft Store won’t have to close their accounts. The same is applicable for accounts that are used for registering Partner Center account of Microsoft.

Customers earning a certification linked with Microsoft Account won’t have account closure because of any inactivity.

The account remains active if your account balance isn’t zero.

If Microsoft owes money, the account would remain active.

If Microsoft Account remains “granted consent for an active Microsoft account that belongs to a minor”, Microsoft won’t close account due to inactivity.

If the minor’s account is inactivity deemed.

Legal requirements or as otherwise offered by Microsoft.

Some FAQs

What is Services Agreement by Microsoft?

The Services Agreement is an agreement between Microsoft (or Microsoft Affiliates) and you which governs your use of Microsoft consumer online services and products. There is a list of covered services and products by Microsoft.

What are the services and products that MS Services Agreement doesn’t cover?

The services agreement from Microsoft isn’t applicable to services and products that are only available to business customers such as Office 365 for education, government customers or business, Yammer, Azure, or Skype for business. To get commitments in privacy, compliance and security and information on Office 365 customers can visit Trust Center for Office 365.

What are all recent changes that Microsoft made to the current MS Services Agreement?

To know about the most notable changes you can check on Services Agreement site.

It is recommended to go through the entire services agreement page in Microsoft Website.

Would parents be responsible for activities and purchases made by their kids?

Yes, According to Services Agreement of MS Section 4 (a) (iii) it has been stated that parents are totally responsible for Skype Account, Microsoft Account with usage of services by their kids such as purchases and subscription fees.

A lot of these services operate on a certain fee like the games and applications available through Office Store or Microsoft Store and Outlook ad-free version, extra storage for OneDrive, or consumer subscription for Office 365. With Microsoft office family parents are provided with solutions to understand the usage of these devices by their children with certain limitations set up. Make sure to visit Family Dashboard to get additional info on Microsoft Family.

Form when all these changes will be in effect?

All updates in MS Services Agreement will be in effect from 30th August 2019. Before that, the present terms are in effect.

How to accept all these terms?

With accessing and using such services and products on or after 03th August 2019, you simply agree to all updated terms and services through the Services Agreement. If you’re not agreeing to it, you can simply discontinue using all these services and products and close Microsoft account before the end of 30th August 2019

All updates in Services Agreement are applicable for Microsoft consumer online services and products. These updates are meant to clarify all terms while ensuring that transparency is maintained in everything. These changes are applicable to all new Microsoft, products, features, and services.

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